・How senbei is made

We will tell you how senbei is made in detai.

Steam rice flour


You use a steamer to cook the rice flour.

Pound it


The rice is then pounded so it becomes a paste.

Shape it


You spread the paste and cut shapes out of it. The picture shows hearts but there are circles, small circles, turtleshell, and other varied designs.

Dry it


The cut out shapes are then dried throughly. They are first put into a dryer but then they are put into boxes that are rotated.

Toast it


The uncooked senbei then are toasted on a strong fire. At Minatoya, we toast them traditionally with a grill.

Flavor it


We flavor the toasted senbei in many different ways. Sprinkle them with coarse sugar. Wrap them in nori seaweed. Add sesame. Add chili powder… There is a big repertory of flavours where to choose from.

●Video of snack preparation at Minatoya

Senbei grill toasting

There are a number of methods to toast senbei but we do it with a grill in our shop. The grill is put into a rotating machine and we observe the process from start to finish being very careful.

Hand toasted senbei

In these case you use a presser and chopsticks to toast them very carefully one by one. It takes time for each to toast so they are limited in number.

Frying agemochi

This is frying senbei with oil. We do not use friers and everything is done by hand.