●Popular senbei types

Soy sauce senbei


The most orthodox type. Flavored with soy sauce. There is one that is flavored twice, another one which is harder than normal. There are several types of soy sauce senbei alone.

Agemochi. Salt and soy sauce

DSC05156 DSC05144

Rice cake paste made from sweet rice is fried and called “agemochi”. There are salt, soy sauce and soy sauce wrapped in nori seaweed.

Nori seaweed wrapped


A soy sauce senbei wrapped in nori seaweed. This type is one of the most traditional.

Sesami seeds senbei

DSC05208 DSC05205

Senbei and sesame seeds go very well together. There is the toasted type with black sesame which is good for the body, mixed in as well as white sesame with a sweet sauce.

Coarse sugar senbei


The popular senbei for people with a sweet tooth are the coarse sugar senbei. After flavoring them with a sweet soy sauce, they are sprinkled with coarse sugar. Sprinkling them requires an artisan’s technique.

Assorted and boxed products


In Minatoya, we have gift boxes with an assortment of different senbei types. It is very popular as a gift that lets you enjoy many flavors. They range from 1000 yen to 4000 yen.