We are a 70 year old shop.


Minatoya is a very old sweet shop that has been in operation for 70 years. The photograph above is the shop in 1947. All this long years our customers have continued to love the shop

・Commitment to preparation by hand


A technique a big factory cannot reproduce In our shop, a seasoned artisan elaborates the senbei okaki snacks all by hand. Wrapping them with nori seaweed is also done one by one, putting his heart into it. No matter how much effort the artisan puts in, the amount he can make in a day is limited.

・Commitment to the ingredients


The base of the senbei and okaki is undoubtedly in the rice. We don’t use cheap rice for our products we use selected brand rices.

Next is the sauce. We use selected soy sauces, kudzu starch and sugar, follow the traditional recipe and increasingly add to the same pot.

This sauce is very thick and it concentrates all our efforts.