What is senbei?


Senbei is a Japanese snack created by smashing and pounding a paste made of rice. Besides toasting, it can be fried as well. Toasted is called “Yaki senbei”, fried is called “Age senbei”. The flavoring is done with a condiment which is also very traditional, soy sauce. It is sometimes flavored with salt as well. Other condiments are used to give variations in flavor. Senbei are the soul food of the Japanese.


There are flavor variations for the toasted senbei like sesame, chili powder, sansho pepper, nori seaweed, etc.

Also, there is senbei in which things like sesame, nori seaweed and shrimp is directly mixed into the batter, toasted, and then flavored with soy sauce.


These are fried rice cakes with salt and soy sauce flavors. On the left, they are wrapped in seaweed.