Shenzhen Fudoson

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It is a temple to represent the Monzennakacho.

Leading pilgrimage person is a famous temple to collect in the Kanto region Shinshoji growing at between momentum that you want to admission to Acala of this Naritasan to one Edo era of temple of Acala faith of Edo people, Edo in 1881 the Shenzhen immobility was completed as Tokyo branch temple of Naritasan door here in the land of Shenzhen to be able to pray to but you immobile like.

My wife safety, people who visit for the sake of traffic safety pray and Goma prayer often.

The precinct has some of the building


There is also visited the old main hall of the Edo era of building

We recommend that you enter inside the building not just pray you can see from the outside.

There is a statue of a variety of Buddha in the inner sanctum. Buddha statue, such as ask immobile first floor Acala statue of Sawada MasashiHiroshisaku is to a large size, is on the second floor there is such pilgrimage office of the Shikoku Pilgrimage, the fourth floor is a treasure house Dainichido to enshrine Dainichi is there. The fourth floor of the ceiling paintings is a sight to see

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Five times a day (when the fair 6 times) Goma memorial service is performed. This is worth a look at a sight to see. You can experience the the two likeness melody of Buddha and the drum.


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