You can stroll through the traditional Japanese garden.

Sensui, is Tsukiyama, it was mainly a dry landscape “stroll and ponds garden”. Continue to be maintenance, and the Edo era Meiji era, it has been completed as early modern garden history valuable migratory type Tsukiyama fountain garden.
Rich rock formations name stones collected from all over the country, the beauty of the nvl of placement and pavilions and pond of vast islands of various sizes surrounding the pond water is exactly say Hakubi, it has been known as Meien of Tokyo leading.
In 1979, as specified in the No. 1 scenic spot of the, also, it has been chosen as one of the new Tokyo Hyakkei.

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Wide pond which arranged the three of Nakajima. Island and sukiya-zukuri buildings on the surface of the water, this pond to project the shadow of the trees is the cornerstone of the garden.


Turtle and carp in the pond, and Some, such as birds, such as ducks There is a rich natural taste. You can also bait spear experience to buy a bait of carp in the shop.

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Place the stone at intervals on the edge of the pond, which was to walk there. Spacious not only the view of the pond can enjoy, and it is considered so as to change the landscape in time to promote walking.

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general 150 yen
65 years of age or 70 yen

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