It fits easily reproduced Edo

You can experience the Edo town.

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Material exhibition room, the atrium space from the basement to the second floor above ground, to reproduce the life the first time in Shenzhen of streets and people of the Edo period (assuming the 1843 from 1842).
Introduction greengrocer the two buildings tenement, HaruBeiya, fire lookout, scissors boat of floating canals, including such as the appearance of Funayado, to reproduce handing out fine attention to every single life outfit in the house, in fact you can see taken to. In addition, the lives of Shenzhen of the day it has been directed at the sound and lighting effects. For example, during the summer months, beginning with the lighting of dawn, chicken cries, the voice of clams selling and goldfish selling, rain sounds, represent the rainbow and sunset, etc., boost the downtown emotion, of 170 years ago, Shenzhen to the world it invited me with. (Fee required)

Shirakawa 1-3-28

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